Wallace Financial Services, Ltd.

Our aim is to be your Financial Planners and Income Tax Advisors. We will guide you through the various stages of your financial life.  Our primary focus is to assist you in aligning your resources with your personal and family goals.  Our goal is to illuminate your financial pathway.

We are Retirement Planning Specialists.

We work with top-rated carriers that guarantee your contract can never lose any money.  We can provide you with an income stream you simply cannot outlive.

Handling 100% of the paperwork is our duty.  From your Employer, or perhaps your Investment Accounts, or Banks, to your own private IRA, we do everything for you.

Prior to your retirement, we meet with you and discuss your options for payments and/or rollovers at no cost.

We'll research the highest payout options available in your particular situation.  We assist with the completion of the transfer into your new, privagtely owned contract, again, at no cost.

As retirement specialists, we protect your financial future and provide long term care benefits.

We are income tax experts.

Our tax preparer is a 30+ year, experienced accountant and an "Enrolled Agent" given the same authority to represent clients before the IRS as any attorney or CPA, nationwide.

Are YOUR tax returns prepared correctly?  If you are retired, disabled, self-employed, have investments, rental properties, are an LLC, Corporation or Partnership, you REALLY should have your last three years' returns reviewed by Wallace Financials' Income Tax Expert.

Most importantly, your tax return is prepared 100% by our expert.  We do NOT "Staff-out" any of our work.  This is critical to you.

Please enjoy your time at this site and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or to schedule a complimentary initial appointment.